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Contained in our bookstore are books on Christian topics by various contemporary and historic Primitive Baptist authors.

Romans: Theological Masterpiece (Vol. 1)

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Paperback, 388 pp

by Elder Joseph R. Holder

ISBN 9781929635191

Volume 1 of Joe Holder's exposition of Romans covers Romans chapters 1 through 8. With the kind of precise and pertinent analyses readers have come to expect from him, Holder tackles what is arguably Paul's most comprehensive treatment of Christian doctrine in the New Testament. The epistle to the Romans is, indeed, a "theological masterpiece." Against the dark background of man's tragic sinfulness, it paints the brilliant scene of God's gracious gift of righteousness through the Lord Jesus Christ. Then, it calls for a practical response of faith and godliness in the believer's daily walk of discipleship.

Price $28.95

Product B36 Romans: Theological Masterpiece (Vol. 1) Paperback Price/Unit $ 28.95 Qty


Expository Essays on 1st John

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User Rating: / 10

The apostle John does two things in this important epistle. First he offers various evidences of grace so that God's child may have assurance. Secondly, he poses various tests of discipleship so that the professed believer may examine himself whether or not he is truly "in the faith."

First John is a family letter. John possesses a genuine pastoral affection for his readers, calling them “little children” on nine different occasions. He wants them to think of God as “Father” and to think of fellow believers as “brethren."

It is also a book of contrasts. John distinguishes between light and darkness, truth and error, love of world and love of God, children of God and children of the devil, the Spirit of God and the spirit of antichrist, and love and hate.



The Seven Churches of Asia

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User Rating: / 10

This brief study of Revelation 1-3 focuses on answering the question, "What does the Lord Jesus Christ look for in his churches?" Such a question is a far cry from the popular question "What do people want in a church?" From the messages to each respective church in Asia Minor, we may derive a particular virtue that the Lord values in his church: Devotion to Christ, Ethical Holiness, Doctrinal Integrity, Faithfulness in Persecution and more.

Day by Day: 365 Daily Readings on Biblical Themes

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User Rating: / 10

by Elder Ralph E. Harris

Paperback, 392 pp.

Price $22.45

Published 2012 by Sovereign Grace Publications, LLC

ISBN 978-1-929635-15-3

A daily devotional is a useful resource to people living in a fast-paced world. Although there is no substitute for the daily discipline of reading and studying God's word, yet a book of brief devotional thoughts like this volume from Elder Ralph Harris may serve a spiritually beneficial purpose between opportunities for more intensive focus on the Scriptures.

Ralph E. Harris has served as an ordained minister among the Primitive Baptists for over fifty years. For thirty-three of those years, he was editor of The Advocate and Messenger, a respected Primitive Baptist periodical. He and Melba, his wife of fifty years, reside in the panhandle of north Florida.


Be Ready To Answer

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User Rating: / 24
A Christian apologetic for the person in the pew, this volume aims to equip both the young and the more mature believer in defending the faith.

Author: Michael L. Gowens
ISBN: 978-1-929635-08-5
340 pp, Perfect-bound Paperback
Dimensions: 6.00" x 9.00"

Price $24.50

I Believe the Doctrines of Grace

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User Rating: / 12

Salvation by grace alone is the heart of the gospel message. Apart from God's sovereign initiative to bestow blessing on people who deserved his wrath, heaven would be vacant and a thousand hells filled to capacity. The good news of the gospel is that salvation, from start to finish, is all of Divine grace and none of human works. Salvation is of the Lord.


Understanding Your Bible: An Old Testament Survey

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User Rating: / 20

book coverAuthor: Michael L. Gowens

Paperback 232 pp

Price $15.00

Does the Old Testament seem disjointed to you, like so many pieces of a disassembled motor in a mechanic shop? Have you ever wondered about the nexus between the Old Testament and the New? Understanding Your Bible may help.

This study through the Old Testament is an attempt to distill and crystallize the dominant theme of Divine Revelation while demonstrating how the various parts tie together as the theme develops.  Like the various pieces of a puzzle connect together to form a coherent picture, so an understanding of how the many details of the OT fit into the developing story-line--such as which prophets were contemporary with which kings and why a grasp of the historical background is critical to the interpretation of each passage--is helpful to the Bible student who seeks a better grasp of the entire Bible.
Commenting on this particular title, Mike Gowens states: "Of the various books I've written, Understanding Your Bible is far and away my personal favorite. The particular study that led to this title was arguably the most thrilling and educational bit of intensive Bible study I've ever done. If I were asked which title from my pen has brought me the greatest level of personal satisfaction, I would have to point to this one."

Order your copy today and join the author as he traces the plot of Scripture through the rising action of Old Testament history and prophecy and shows how it all fits together, paving the way for the message of the New Testament.


Rediscovering Reverence

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User Rating: / 8

These are irreverent times. From the sacrilege of pop-culture to the push for a more casual, user-friendly, and seeker-sensitive approach to church worship, Biblical subjects like "the fear of the Lord" have almost slipped into obscurity. In such a climate of irreverence, it is crucial that Christian people take God seriously once again. Gowens believes that the rediscovery of reverence is the great need of the contemporary church.

Join him as he traces the answer to the question "What does it mean to fear God?" through the Scriptures. Many professing believers today may be surprised to discover that "fearing God" is a theme developed in the New Testament as well as the Old.



The Life of David

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User Rating: / 6

God gave us stories. We can be happy that He did not reveal truth in
the language of a textbook or technical manual, but in the real-life
stories of Biblical characters, like David.

At least forty-one chapters in the Old Testament, more than any
other Bible character, are devoted to the biographical narrative of
this "man after God's own heart."

176pp. Paperback

Price $19.95

Product B30 The Life of David Price/Unit $ 19.95 Qty


The Sermon on the Mount

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User Rating: / 5

The exposition of The Sermon on the Mount is our Lord's most comprehensive treatment of Christian discipleship in the Gospels. Jesus begins by defining the distinguishing traits of Christian character...

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