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Contained in our bookstore are books on Christian topics by various contemporary and historic Primitive Baptist authors.

The Will & Its Role in Discipleship

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User Rating: / 2

Author: Joseph R. Holder

Pamphlet 64pp

Price: $5.00

Subtitled "Historical Reflections on the Absolute Predestinarian Controversy and Related Errant Doctrines". Holder shows that the Fulton Convention of Primitive Baptists in 1900 arose from the need to address confusion over Fullerism and Parkerism. He demonstrates how men like Elder James H. Oliphant saw the importance of emphasizing a distinction between the unconditional nature of eternal salvation and the conditionality and involvement of the will in Christian discipleship.


Rightly Dividing the Word of Truth

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User Rating: / 4

by Tom Hagler


Price $15.00



A Mother's Faith: How One Family Faced a Critical Illness

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Author: Dolph Painter

48 pp Paperback

Cost: $5.00

Published in 1998 by Sovereign Grace Publications

Melanie (Danger) Painter was an extraordinary woman of faith. She succumbed to cancer at the tender age of 34 on March 15, 1996. All who knew and loved her will be thankful for this testimony to her faith and courage, and this memoir of her devotion to and dependance on the Lord even during the darkest hours of her final battle.


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