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Welcome To SGP

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Welcome to Sovereign Grace Publications, the online home of SGP - a Primitive Baptist Bookseller. To visit the Sovereign Grace Publications online store, access "The Book Store" from the top menu. A complete listing of available book titles will be found here. Please also make use of the other features of our site. The "Online Audio & Video" tab includes an Exposition of Revelation and other sermon series, as well as a number of individual messages and a few archived radio series from Sovereign Grace Today by Mike Gowens. The audio files are available for immediate access or download to an .mp3 player. The video files will take you to an offsite link. Several free educational and devotional resources are also available. Simply access the tabs labeled "Theological Essays" and "Hymn History." We hope you enjoy your visit.


Exposition of the Gospel of John

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Published 2018 by Sovereign Grace Publications

306 pp Paperback

ISBN 978-1-929635-30-6


Unlike the other three Gospels, John is primarily theological, not synoptic. John's purpose is to prove that Jesus is the Son of God, coeternal, coessential and coequal with the Father. The preponderance of evidence John cites for the deity of Jesus Christ is so conclusive that those who stridently oppose the facts, like the religious leaders of Jesus' day, reveal a level of moral antagonism that merits condemnation. Only grace can conquer such animosity of heart and enable the mind to consider the gospel message. That is the message of the Gospel of John.

Product B24 Exposition of the Gospel of John Price/Unit $ 19.95 Qty


The Pastoral Epistles

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An Exposition of First & Second Timothy and Titus

by Michael L. Gowens

Published 2018 by Sovereign Grace Publications

ISBN 978-1-929635-29-0

332 pages Paperback

Where may we go to find answers to questions concerning how a church is supposed to function, the qualifications of church officers, the priorities of pastoral ministry, the role of females in the church, the importance of the Christian home, and the biblical pattern of church government? The New Testament canon contains three personal letters penned by the apostle Paul addressing these and many more questions. The Pastoral Epistles to Timothy and Titus contain pastoral and ecclesiastical counsel for the church in all ages.

First Timothy and Titus were likely composed during the same time period, from Macedonia. Second Timothy was written from the Mamertine prison in Rome, shortly before Paul's death. The tone of these three epistles is more personal than Paul's other letters.

Great encouragement and guidance for gospel ministers is here. And, for the church that seeks to conform to Scripture more than cultural trends, the Pastoral Epistles contain indispensible wisdom.


Product B49 The Pastoral Epistles Price/Unit $ 19.95 Qty